After the terrorist attack of 9-11, Chaplain Bley was activated and assigned to the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, where he served as an advisor on the religious elements of the Global War on Terror. Today, he continues to provide strategy, leadership and unconstrained analysis in defense of America. His understanding of Islam - the greatest threat to the security of the United States according to former intelligence directors - is a priceless asset to Bible-believing Christianity. He knows the threat, and the hope we have in Christ. We ignore this information at our peril. As chairman of the FBFI Commission on Chaplains, Wayne Bley brings to our churches not only his expertise as a military policy analyst, but his long experience as a pastor, chaplain and theologian. John C. Vaughn

Captain Wayne Bley was an outstanding source of information and spiritual inspiration for our congregation. He was very well received because of his expert knowledge and high-level experience in personally and professionally dealing with Islam. His facts about Islam and his understanding of Scripture equipped our people to understand what is going on and how an American Christian should respond to Islam. I highly recommend him. John Mincy

Wayne Bley's presentation on Islam was eye opening! Of course, Wayne's professional background and expertise in this area is invaluable. This seminar is something that every Christian needs to hear. He pulled back the curtain on Islam and revealed to our congregation what is clearly being ignored in popular media. We must reach the Islamic world with the good news of Jesus Christ, and in order to do that we must understand what Muslims are thinking when we speak to them. This presentation is strategic for Great Commission activity. Kevin Schaal

Dispelling ignorance. Wayne's ministry of information and warning is both timely and necessary today. The information that you will receive is not the sensationalized hype that so often characterizes someone trying to carve out a niche. Wayne's information is well-researched, factual and relevant. Very few voices are offering this kind of helpful information. Our church family embraced the seminar and has been profited thereby. Bob Condict