Our Mission

The mission of Be Still Ministries is to encourage and equip believers to become engaged citizen patriots and confident witnesses through an understanding of the threat of Islam to the future of America and Christianity.

The Vision

The vision of Be Still Ministries is to become a trusted resource for Churches interested in becoming active in their understanding of Islam as a threat to America and Christianity.

September 11, 2001

9/11 was a wakeup call. However, now nearly a decade later, perhaps an aggravating nudge would better describe how many Americans actually responded. Today, most Americans are back to enjoying the contented life of a frog in a kettle not realizing they are being slowly boiled to death. Apathy appears to rule. Before 9/11 most of us barely knew anything about Islam and the overwhelming majority of Americans had never met a Muslim. Today, something about Islam is part of many news clips. But does that mean that Americans are beginning to wake up or is the persistent media drone numbing Americans further?